Don't play, don't pay

You only pay when your server is actually running. There are no monthly fees - just add funds to your account when you are running low.

Free Choice

There are no extra charges for changing games. Each time you start a server, you can pick which game you want to play.

Custom Configs

Want to edit the server config? No problem - create a custom game profile and edit the config files to create your perfect server.

Full Control

With our custom control panel you get full control of your servers. Kicks, bans, restarts and map changes are just a click away.

Games, Games, Games

During the beta Cloudfrag will offer Minecraft, Left 4 Dead 1/2 and Team Fortress 2, with many more to come.

When can I join?

Cloudfrag will be starting a public beta soon. Enter your email address above and we will keep you updated.